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JEM Update Release - Version 1.07.80

JEM has been updated to version This new release addresses a number of issues as well as add a few more cool features as well.

Support for PHP 5.3 - We've updated the JEM framework and fix a number of issues to make JEM work on PHP 5.3

Global Discounts - You can now add as many global discount options to JEM. Set a minimum and maximum amount for the total shopping cart amount, and JEM will apply that discount on checkout.

Custom Shipping and Taxes Per Product - Each product can now have custom shipping amounts as well as use tax zones for each product. If you want to charge a specific shipping amount for each of your products, you can set it up in the product details area.

Option for Initial Fee on First Purchase - You now have the ability to charge new customers a fee on their first purchase upon initial registration. Once they have paid the fee, all subsequent purchases will not have the fee.

Support for direct Sale Prices per Product - Add sales prices to each of your products. This will put a "line" going through the current price and show the sale price on each product in the store.

Fedex Shipping Quotes and UPS Support for Canada - Support for Fedex Shipping Quotes has been added as well as an update to the current UPS module to support canadian based origins.

Mailing List Subscription Layout Box - You can add a new layout box that will allow users to subscribe to your mailing list without having to register via the registration form

Updated Admin Dashboard - New sections have been added to the JEM admin dashboard that includes easy access to videos, updates and knowledgebase links for JROX.COM

For a complete list of updates and bug fixes, please view the change log:


Resellers Info:
For our resellers, you can download the white label version of JEM in your reseller members area.

please go through the update instructions for safely upgrading your installation:


If you have any issues, please post them via the forum.
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