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JEM Update - Version

Hello everyone,

JEM has been updated to version This version has a number of cool features in it, some of which many of our users have been asking about. Here's a few:

Auto enable customers as affiliates - yes, this was already in the previous release, however, you can now disable this option and separate customers from being affiliates! Many of our users have been wanting a way for customers to remain customers and affiliates to only be affiliates, instead of auto enrolling them. Now you can!

Language Translation for Menus - We've added a new option where by you can set the menu text and box titles to be translated to different languages

Membership Based Content - You can now set blog articles to require membership subscription to access. Set certain content exclusively for members of your site.

Mass Product Updates - You can now easily update product name and pricing right through the product viewing area. Mass update pricing and product names much more quickly.

Ad Tracking Stats and Reporting - the ad tracking module now has both monthly and yearly reports for traffic and sales stats.

We'll be adding video tutorials on these as well, so make sure to visit our youtube channel to subscribe for updates.

We've also fixed a few bugs here and there as well :-)

Resellers Info:
For our resellers, you can download the white label version of JEM on your reseller members area.

please go through the update instructions for safely upgrading your installation:


If you have any issues, please post them via the forum.

For the change log:

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