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JEM Bug Fixes - Version

Hey everyone,

we're releasing a small update to JEM to fix a few minor bugs from the last release. There really is no major features added to this update, but it does address some important bugs, so we recommend updating your copy of JEM to this new version.

Although this is primarily a bug fix update, a few little options have been added, but nothing too fancy.. :-D
  • support for no folder name affiliate links, like www.domain.com/username. By default, the regular affiliate links in JEM had to have a folder name to it, like www.jrox.com/go/ryan , but this update will allow you to have links like www.jrox.com/ryan instead.

  • better 404 page not found redirection (users are now redirected to an actual 404 web page instead of an annoying error message)
  • a JQuery menu option for the admin area menu so that it is a bit easier to navigate the dropdowns. A few of our users were saying that the CSS dropdown menu was a bit quirky to navigate.
For instructions on upgrading:


If you have any issues, please post them via the forum. If you need help upgrading JEM, you can submit a ticket to the help desk and we can get you upgraded for a small service fee of $20.

For the change log:


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