Maybe as an average internet surfer you can claim to have seen just about everything on the internet, and then some. You have Google, YouTube, Instructables and Wikipedia. You have your RSS feeds, your podcast subscriptions and your favorite live-stream sources for the latest news. Why fork out money when you can get all the information you need for free?

The scenario above is from the vantage point of a consumer. Yes, there is good, solid information freely available on the internet on just about any topic you can care to name, so why pay?

Flip the view and look at it from the point of view of the content creators who make it to the top of their niche. Content marketing isn't always or only about money, despite the 'marketing' part. There are things other than money you can accrue with good content.

Here, put the spotlight back on you: Why do you patronize the sites you do, or follow the bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and creators that you do? What do you do with the content?

You like the content provided. You trust that the content creators know their stuff , and trust the stuff they put out there. You follow them, 'like' them, recommend them, rely on them.

What do they get in return?
  • Followers. People who like their work and support it, and them.
  • The knowledge that people in their market -- the audience they're creating their work for-- trust them and rely on their content.
  • The knowledge that their work is appreciated and helps make a difference.
  • A reputation for interesting, good work. For being an authority in their niche.
The list goes on.

Now do a little flip again, and put yourself into the role of the content provider. What do you get in return for the result of your determination, imagination and hard work?
Well, we haven't done this in quite some time now, what with being so busy with multiple projects, and it's nice to take advantage of slow moments and check in with one another --- or at the very least, sit a spell and check in with ourselves. So....how have you been doing lately?

And please, don't go with the generic, "Oh, fine. Well, so-so, same as everyone else. Could be worse."
Or the "Woow, superbusy, doing everything, really, you know?"
Or the "Maaan, I'd love to chat, but I don't have the time to share everything, gotta go."
How are you doing, really?

Try to recall what happened just in the last 30 days. 2014 hasn't been going well for many of us, if the news in anything to go by. Even if you try to avoid the broadcasts just to keep some sort of peaceful, low-key mental zone to rest in, there's always the internet,with its breaking news, social media and minute-by-minute updates to tell us all about the bad things happening in the world.

Check the article trends in the headlines of your favorite portal sites. You may remember seeing topics like: top 10 mistakes in picking a college major, or how to make enough money to retire, or tips on being able to work long enough to do so. Go on to the news sites, there are wars, natural disasters, epidemics, graft and corruption, protests, riots....it's a wonder we can sleep restfully at all with all the madness happening around the world.

Then there's your own internal strife. Business is going down, what are you going to do about it? There's not enough time to do all the things you need, what do you do about that? There's not enough of you to go around, if you could only clone yourself...Your worries chase themselves in your head, like rats in a maze. Things are moving faster than any one person can understand or can handle, and the world feels like it's breaking down. The pressure is insane. How do you elbow out some breathing room in all of that?
Have you ever stopped to consider that working on your own soft skills can help you work better with other people?

As common as it is to feel to stressed at work --at your worst times you can feel like you're carrying the weight of the world (and then some) on your shoulders -- it helps to re-balance your perspective by stepping out from under the cloud of doom over your head, and looking at the whole context of the situations that are pulling you down.
  • Do you feel that there are people at work are gunning for you?
  • Are you having problems communicating clearly with your partners and co-workers?
  • What about your customers? What are the common threads in the kind of feedback you're getting from them?

The cult of the self.
Let's be honest, what with the on-going trend of personal marketing and personal branding, it's very easy to be lead onto the fast-lane of self-promotion, where you show the right image and display the right credentials and so on, but step back from the frantic construction effort and think. Personal branding, presenting the right image-- this is all right and good in an online market where image accounts for a lot, but in interpersonal relationships --in dealing with people -- how are you up close and personal?
"Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today!
"First things first."
"If you don't have the time, make the time."

What does time-pressure, GTD and prioritization have to do with house-cleaning? Stay with me.

Unless you've been raised completely unaware of one of the most basic of household chores, to get a really clean floor, you need to sweep before you mop. In this metaphorical scenario, sweeping is preparation, mopping is action, the clean floor is the finished, desired goal. Get it? Not yet?

Okay, say you want really clean floors. Maybe your in-laws are coming to your new home, or you're planning an open house to show it off to prospective buyers , whatever. You just want a really nice, clean floor.

The "World Wide Web" is a very big place --so big that it that makes for a smaller world.
  • Even with filters, firewalls, deliberate blocks, denial-of-service attacks and the frequent outages, the always-connected nature of the internet makes for a really small neighborhood when it comes to publicity, reputation and public image.
  • You don't know something, you google it. You want to find out about someone, you look them up on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or search for their blog or website.
  • Human nature being what it is, you take the first few results from the searches and go on from the information you get from these sources, rarely checking to see if these sources are truly reliable or not.

And when it comes to your business reputation, this is the part where public relations comes in.
Framed in the simplest terms, a business is an enterprise that provides a service or a product to customers, in exchange for money. Without customers, businesses would fail. And as an entrepreneur and owner of an on-line business, aside from a viable pool of customers, you also need to have a considerable repertoire of hard and soft skills to see your business through good times and bad.

What else do you need?

You need to know the core mission of your business. You can earn money doing a lot of things: sell digital art, buy and fix thrift-store furniture and resell it, run a food-truck, etc. but you need to know: what is your business here for?

Times change, and the factors that sparked the seed of life for your business can change with them. Think of Kodak -- once the world leader in photographic film, it went bankrupt when it wasn't able to adapt quickly enough to take full advantage of the rise of digital imaging technology. The company re-imagined itself and announced that it offered "packaging, functional printing, graphic communications and professional services for businesses around the world," upon coming up from the ashes of its former success.

You need a long-term vision: where do you want to go with the business, and where do you want it to take you?

What you also need for your business are good relationships. Good businesses work to maintain long-term relationships with old customers, while inviting new people to join the group, and taking care of the ones who keep coming back. Solid relationships with your peers, partners and associates in your business community are also vital. No-one ever really gets anywhere worth going to all by themselves. Help people up, build friendships, and your reward would be a supportive community, a deep sense of belonging, and the privilege of being able to give back.

JEM version 2 now available for download

Version 2.0 of our JROX.COM eCommerce Manager has been released and is ready for download.

100% Mobile and Responsive CSS

This new version has been updated to utilize the ultra-popular Twitter Bootstrap framework for both store/CMS and Admin GUIs. This means that your entire store, CMS, members area, AND administrator area is 100% mobile and responsive. Your users can shop your store on any device, and you, as the admin, can manage your orders and admin tasks on any device as well.

New Bootstrap Based Themes

Since the new version is designed and built on Bootstrap, our website themes will all be based on bootstrap as well, making them 100% mobile and responsive as well. You can view the new themes available below:


We'll be adding cool new themes on a weekly basis as well, so we'll send you an update for those when they're available.

* Old version 1 themes will not be compatible with version 2, due to the new bootstrap based theme parser. If you need help migrating your current theme to version 2, we can do that for a nominal migration fee. Just contact us

New Reports Interface

we've removed the old school Flash reporting and replaced it with JavaScript charts, so it can be viewed on any device, without the need for Flash support.

Facebook Connect

JEM version 2 supports Facebook Connect, so your users can login without needing any username/password. On registration, users who choose Facebook Connect to register can also send status updates to their facebook friends when they register for your site. This is a great feature for easy facebook word-of-mouth marketing for your site.

Codeiginter 2.14

For you devs out there, the backend code has also been updated to CodeIgniter 2.14 as the base framework for the system. This makes it easier to custom code new modules if needed.

Coming Soon....

New Video Tutorials

We'll be adding new video tutorials for version 2, including complete how-tos for beginners and newbies alike. Make sure to checkout our Youtube channel for this:


New White Label Program

I hear you asking, and I'm sorry this hasn't come sooner, but we will be adding a new white label / reseller program in the next few weeks. This will allow you to signup as a reseller and white label our JAM and JEM products for your clients. We'll send an update for that very soon as well.

Hello everyone,

JEM has been updated to version This new release packs a number of cool new features, some of which many of our users have been asking about. Here's a partial list of new features and updates:

Forced Matrix Option - we have added a new license option for an affiliate forced matrix module in JEM. You can now enable it directly in your JEM admin area. This module is a separately licensed option.

Product Attribute Inventory - You can now set inventory levels for each of your dropdown attribute options. This allows for inventory levels for things such as color or size for each product.

Autoshipment of Products - JEM now has an option for creating autoshipments of physical products. This is separate from the membership module. autoshipment allows you to generate weekly or monthly invoices for autoshipping physical products to customers.

Search Engine Optimized Blog URLs - You now have an option for setting blog content URLs such as http://www.domain.com/blog-page

We've also fixed a few bugs here and there as well :-)

Resellers Info:
For our resellers, you can download the white label version of JEM on your reseller members area.

please go through the update instructions for safely upgrading your installation:


If you have any issues, please post them via the forum.

For the change log:


JEM has been updated to version This new release addresses a number of issues as well as add a few more cool features as well.

Support for PHP 5.3 - We've updated the JEM framework and fix a number of issues to make JEM work on PHP 5.3

Global Discounts - You can now add as many global discount options to JEM. Set a minimum and maximum amount for the total shopping cart amount, and JEM will apply that discount on checkout.
Hey everyone,

we're releasing a small update to JEM to fix a few minor bugs from the last release. There really is no major features added to this update, but it does address some important bugs, so we recommend updating your copy of JEM to this new version.

Although this is primarily a bug fix update, a few little options have been added, but nothing too fancy.. :-D
  • support for no folder name affiliate links, like www.domain.com/username. By default, the regular affiliate links in JEM had to have a folder name to it, like www.jrox.com/go/ryan , but this update will allow you to have links like www.jrox.com/ryan instead.


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